The demand for art in the 21st century

The search for emotions is, in our century, an important part of daily life. Although very focused on digital, the Millennials also present themselves as a group focused on artistic expression, including its urban, distinct and underground trend. We often hear that young people are not interested in art. With new technologies at the center of everything and awareness of how new applications and devices shape life, it's simple to forget about the place of museums and scholarly art.

Still, as we must remember, not all art is found in museums or fits into the intricacies of elitism. In fact, young people continue to search for artistic expressions, in the search for the same that previously moved other generations. It is the artistic expressions sought that now seem to have adapted to the times and to be distinct from those we remember from other eras. It is therefore worth discovering how (and where) the search for art in the 21st century is made and how it continues to promote a sense of intense pleasure in new generations.

Come and discover more about the search for art in the 21st century.

Digital forms of art demandWhile

often associated with the break with culture, the truth is that digital media, especially the impact of online, are still ways to reach art, promote it and enjoy it. Young people seem to search the Internet for various artistic forms, even lining up in various crowdfunding campaigns so that their favorite artists can continue to release their favorite music, films or photographs.The use of platforms such as vimeo, youtube or instagram is also, today, a form of contact with artistic expressions or for their exhibition, and it is not uncommon for artists of the century to release their latest works on these platforms.

The types of art that gain expression in the XXIA century

form of art search - and even what is considered art - has changed a lot over the last century. Today, the most underground, alternative and urban expressions of art have a great importance for the younger layers of society. If you follow the Millennials, you will soon realize that the concerts continue to fill, that they seek photographs that challenge the current concepts and alternative films, with new aesthetics and unusual themes.In the same way, literary expression begins to gain new media and to join the performance, calling young people to movements of great expression in Brazil, such as Poetry Slam or Spoken Word.

In addition, some of the visual urban art (such as graffiti) or urban dance (such as street dance or hip-hop) for example, are also appreciated by these new generations, who find in the new artistic expressions a renewed sensory pleasure. New forms of theater and contemporary plastic expression - often integrating the principles of sustainability - are also appreciated._________________.

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