Why Game Developers Need to Embrace the Notion of Multi-Channel Marketing

Thanks to the rise of massive online gaming portals such as Steam, software developers are provided with a wealth of opportunities that would have seemed all but fictional only a handful of years ago. Even those with little previous experience can gain a foothold within this decidedly competitive community and as a result, success could very well be lurking just around the digital corner. It is nonetheless an unfortunate fact that many developers are also notoriously out of touch when it comes to encountering the most appropriate marketing solutions. Assuming that you cannot afford to hire a team of experts, are there any do-it-yourself methods to employ? Furthermore, why is the concept of multi-channel marketing so important to fully appreciate?What Exactly is Multi-Channel Marketing?Multi-channel marketing is a powerful B2B ecommerce solution that is often employed to reach as large of an audience as possible.

Please keep in mind that we are not only referring to the online customer base in this sense. In fact, multi-channel marketing and traditional sales techniques will often enjoy a hand-in-hand relationship. Some of the numerous possibilities are outlined below:

  • Standalone websites
  • Blog posts
  • Social media profiles
  • Online gaming forums
  • Traditional forms of media such as newspapers and face-to-face networking
Through the ability to open up numerous different channels, the chances of procuring a sale will be vastly increased. However, we should also highlight the fact that developers may instead be looking to partner with other firms or to encounter another coding expert.

These are two additional possibilities which can often be realised through the use of multi-channel marketing. Now that we have come to appreciate the basic principles behind multi-channel marketing, let's take a look at some of the distinct benefits that it can offer game developers.Reaching a Larger Audience than Ever BeforeThere are millions of gaming aficionados throughout the United Kingdom alone. It is also crucial to point out that certain regions of the world such as Asia are now enjoying a pronounced presence within this virtual sector. Multi-channel marketing will enable even local developers to interact with such a seemingly far-off customer base.The most successful games tend to be associated with the notion of online "clout".

In other words, potential customers will often look at how many times the bundle has been downloaded before they decide to commit to a purchase. This is even more relevant within the mobile application sector. So, it only stands to reason that more online exposure tends to correlate with greater success from the perspective of the developer in question.The online gaming industry is worth billions of pounds and its presence continues to gain ground. As more and more consumers are not choosing the digital world over traditional console-based systems, the potential opportunities are very real indeed.

Embracing the notion of multi-channel marketing is one of the best ways to enjoy success and to stay ahead of the "game".

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